New Year. New Me.

                   A New Year’s resolution is a promise a person makes to oneself for the new year, like a promise to change a bad habit for example or creating new ones. It can be things like working out more and losing weight to drop a jean size or two, or as practical as promising to make it to Sunday service... at least once a month. Being realistic here. But this year, our suggestion is to be unapologetic of who you are! It's time to come out of your shell and spread your wings into confidence and happiness. 2020 is all about being forward and intentional toward your personal goals and throwing extra sass at anyone who comes in your way! 

Everyone knows that when you look better, you feel better and live better. That's just the hard cold truth. Fuel your tank for the long journey up ahead towards your new self and be sure to add a few new tops, sweaters, pants, and accessories while you're at it! 

Drop The Dead Weight... One Size At a Time

It's time to cut down on the excuses and start your process in refining yourself. It's okay, take your time and don't be too hard on yourself. The most important metric to measure how successful you are this year is just starting. That's right! Take that hot yoga class you've been obsessing about and invest in that gym membership you've been telling yourself you'd get all last year! Feel confident in our Sass Yoga Pants  while you kick your old habits in the butt! 




This is an exclusive design! Wear this extra comfy spandex stretchy pocket leggings as you work aggressively towards looking better and more importantly, feeling better. Material composition: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex double brushed for buttery softness, Capri length, yoga waistband.  Side pocket fits phones, keys, ID's and much more!  Exposed seams complete this fashion-forward design. One Size (OS) fits sizes 4-14, Tall & Curvy (TC) fits sizes 16-22, TC2 fits sizes 22-26  



The Eluminary CASUALETIC Cropped leggings are medium-rise semi-active legging that can be worn every day. That's right, we said everyday! The fun tie-dye leggings are a fun outfit must-have that is absolutely in trend this season! After all, the whole point is to look good in the gym right? 

  • 2 ½” waistband includes a back on seam pocket perfect for a credit card or key. 
  • Left and right cell phone pockets offer additional utility and detail for running around.
  • All seams are flat locked creating a super soft seam next to your skin as well as high stretchability.
  • Eluminary heat seal logo at back leg.
  • Fabric in a Nylon/Spandex offering great comfort and breathability.
  • Size 1 fits (2-10), Size 2 (fits 12-18) and Size 3 (fits size 20-28) available!




This year's theme is sass and serious. Or is it seriously sass? Whatever it is, the color to match your new attitude is red. Catch the attention of your peers and haters in this bold hue and make a statement during your new Pilates obsession or during your morning coffee trips at your local cafe. Whatever or wherever your destination may be, be sure to be seen! 

  • OS fits sizes 2-8/10
  • TC fits sizes 12-18/20
  • TC2 fits sizes 22+
  • Yoga waistband, buttery soft!



Nothing will give you more confidence and passion than this spunky jogger with dual pockets. It's absolutely tie-dye for! Wear this around the house, grocery shopping, or just some day time fun with the girls! This is an absolutely pick this season and goes in line with your new self! Trust us. #sarahknows

  • Fabric 96% Polyester 4% Spandex (nice and stretchy)
  • Made in USA
  • True to size



Nothing says Sass & Soul more than our signature leggings always available on Pre-order! Share the success of these popular & ultra-comfy leggings in the new year! Shop a new color for every victory in 2020. In other words, add one of each in your cart!