Holiday Dixie Grace Squeeze Wax


Once you order, email me at and let me know what scent you want for your free full size squeeze wax! Dixie Grace Squeeze Wax is a custom blend of pure soy oil, pure soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oil, and dye. Squeeze Wax can be blended together to create different scents in your warmers!!  You can create hundreds of blends to fit your mood, your home, your office - the list goes on! All you need is any Electric Wax Warmer and our Squeeze Wax. It’s that simple. Use drops of Squeeze Wax in your favorite basic scents to begin creating your own unique blends.  Think of squeeze wax like makeup - it's completely buildable. The more drops you add, the stronger that scent will be. For a normal size room, we would say 20 drops total of product, for a larger or home - 30 to 40 drops. Squeeze Wax contains a higher oil content than Wax Melts and Candles providing for a stronger scent throw. When used in an Electric Wax Warmer, you will smell Squeeze Wax much faster than you would a normal Wax Melt.

* Gingerbread: Smells like warm gingerbread baking in the oven!

* Peppermint: Straight peppermint! Mix with Vanilla to make a Sweet Peppermint! 

* Cranberry: Delectable, tart, crisp cranberry. 

* Roasted Chestnuts: Just as the name implies! Spices over chestnuts roasting in an oven. 

* Pine: Nothing says the Holidays quite like the smell of fresh Pine! 

* Mulberry: Sweet mulberries! Very "berry" scent! 

* Cappuccino: Warm, creamy cappuccino. This has both a heft dose of espresso and cream. For anyone craving a warm coffee scent to mix with their other favorite Squeeze Waxes - here it is. 

* Snow: This is a subtle mix of many scents combined into the perfect, sweet, delicate, outdoor musk of winter snow! It will enliven ALL of your senses, just like the snow when it falls. 

* Vanilla: Rich, sweeter vanilla. This is not a "raw vanilla". 

* Pumpkin: True Pumpkin with a slight spice already in the scent. It's what you would think of as basic pumpkin.

* Clove: Rich, warm clove. Use sparingly - won't take a lot! 

* Cinnamon: Red, hot cinnamon! 

* Red Apples: Crisp Red Apples. 

* Fresh Leaves: Rich, green leaves hitting the ground with the incoming cool weather. 

* Caramel: Sweet, gooey caramel! 

* Roasted Marshmallow:  Smells exactly like its name. 

* Maple: Rich Vermont Maple Syrup. 

* Wood Fire: Smells like a burning Wood Fire without the actual smoke!

* White Cake: Rich decadent white cake. Blends perfectly with other Squeeze Waxes to make any dessert!

* Sugar:  Raw, sweet sugar. Use this scent to make anything sweeter smelling. 

* Chocolate: Warm, sweet chocolate. 

*Spices: Rich blend of spices including cinnamon, clove, salt, pepper, and more! Very strong.

Ingredients: Pure Soy Oil, Pure Soy Wax, Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil, Dye. 

Instructions: Drop single drops of Squeeze Wax into Electric Wax Warmer for fragrance. Squeeze Wax scents may be combined to create unique scents in your Electric Wax Warmer. Do not use Squeeze Wax in Tea light Warmers. Do not use Squeeze Wax in Candles. Keep Squeeze Wax out of reach of children and pets. Do not dispose of Squeeze Wax down a sink or drain of any kind. Store Squeeze Wax at Room Temp.