Sass & Soul: A Boutique Romance Story

Childhood sweethearts Sarah & Ryan Beard bare it all in this extensive deep dive into the beginning, current, & future of their online women's boutique business. Get inspired and read all about what motivates this power couple to keep Sass & Soul the top social selling boutique in Arizona

In the Beginning 

What started as a simple desire to be more involved in the life of daughter Everlee's life, the idea of freedom through fashion was embedded. This thought was shared with her then-fiance Ryan, who fanned this into flames over the early years of their relationship. Friends and family encouraged Sarah to bring this desire into fruition and in 2013, Sarah made the bold step into the business with Lularoe and was introduced to the extensive network of like-minded women who also shared a common dream.

With a born disposition to encourage and see the best in people, Sarah found that sharing her honest critique with other women to be natural and rewarding. Sarah quickly rose the ranks and unapologetically separated herself from her peers as a Lularoe elite "Power Seller". 

All Beards On Deck 

With the support of the Sass & Soul Community, the family ran and operated boutique was forced to extend itself on a national level. Sarah's long-time supporter & husband Ryan was now FORCED to back his words with action. He left his 10-year career at Bank of America to support the rapid growth of the Sass community and online business. Every day has been "crazy as hell but it feels like heaven", according to the Beards. 


Sass & Soul attributes 100% of the success to the supportive and powerful group of women who make up this active network. They absolutely believe that without the input and push of each person in this community, there would be no Sass & Soul Boutique. 


Sass & Soul Online Boutique 

We are excited to announce the official launch and opening of our Women's Online Boutique. We encourage and thank every supporter of our brand and promise to bring trendy designs with honest critique weekly to all of our sass & soul girls!