Quaran-Spring: Choosing Life In The Face of Midst of Crisis

The nation and entire world is scrambling in fear trying to make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected individuals and communities in such a personal way. Maybe you don't know someone who has been impacted directly, but you definitely know somebody or know a business that is going through extremely difficult times trying to navigate pass this. Instead of being able to enjoy the new season and planning events with friends and family, you are forced to stay home and quarantine. We don't blame you if "shopping" is the last thing on your mind. We get it. However, we believe in taking full control of the things you have control over and making the best of every situation. We invite you to choose joy over fear and enjoy your Quaran-spring.

Your Shine Is Contagious 

When the world gets dark, we believe in shining brighter. Bring viral joy into every room in you walk in and declare positive vibes with some Sassy Accessories. Mix and match with our handful of silver & gold-tone selects, hoop earrings, studded earrings & start making the shift now! 

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Resurrect Your Sass & Choose Happy 

We can't think of a better time to celebrate Easter than now. Gather with your friends, family , and love ones this month to enjoy an array of chocolates! A wide collection of Easter egg, carrot shapes, and bunny cuties for you to enjoy!

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Sweet Spring Flowers 

Quarantine can be a drag and do a major number on your spirit. Change the atmosphere at home and choose to celebrate the season with your family with our sassy spring collection! This month's choices is a blend of spring lavendars, mint greens, and playful blushes! Choose a new spring short sleeve top, flowy blouse, or weekend romper! 

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