A Sassy Summer

The past couple of months have been quite hectic with so many things happening. Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic as well as protesting against authorities for committing unjust crimes in our country, the U.S and the world has had enough negativity for one year. On the bright side, businesses and places are opening back up once again and the world is slowly healing after the hard blow Covid had. We know that life won't be the same anymore but we know that it will heal and move forward. We want to be a part of that and provide you the best clothing and accessories for the best comeback!

Summer is here now! With public areas opening back up, it's time to get your summer bod ready and up your sass once more! But remember to be safe and responsible.

Our latest summer arrivals are great with plenty of new tees and florals to choose from. You'll be completely summer ready and you won't regret it!

Shop the Look: Short Sleeve Cherry V-Neck, Teal & Pink Floral Top



Looking for something to pair with your tops? We've got a good selection of refreshing bottoms that complete your summer outfit! 

Shop the Look: White Skinny Jean By Judy BlueLight Wash Cuffed Bermudas by Judy Blue


Check out our accessories! We've got the ones to give you that cute n' sassy look. You'll love these accessories. They're the perfect ones for summer and everyone will be asking about them. Accessories like these always add that finishing touch to whatever outfit you're wearing. 

Shop the Accessories: Good Works Magnetic Cuff Bracelet, Bandana Bow Knot Headband



These are only just a few from the wide selection we have. To shop for more, view them through here. We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy during these times! Until next time, stay sassy #sasssquad